Thursday, October 2, 2014

Synthetic Wine Cork Coaster Tutorial

Monday, October 17, 2011

From Shabby Eeeek to Mod


Shabby Eeeek or Shabby Chic               Mod Make-over

One thing I will need to admit is the fact that I can't resist a good art gallery, museum, flea market, yard sale or auction.  And one must not forget to mention the hidden treasures that are ready to be discovered in antique shops and thrift shops.  Important things I carry: anti-bacterial gel and magnifying lens, and a list of needed items.

Boy, was I thrilled when I ran across this old vanity swivel chair on "the FREE table" at a local shed sale.

Shabby Chic or Shabby Eeeek!

I admit, I peeked under the skirt.  And once I saw its sexy legs, I knew I was in love.  So home she came.  And off came her skirt.


First I thought the original covering was vinyl.  My hopes were up!  It was fabric, though durable, there was staining and one button had popped through the fabric.  Not to mention, the swivel was broken.

Broken swivel? No worry.  Use a metal Lazy Susan

I remembered that I had a Lazy Susan swivel leftover from when my girls were small.  The intended use was so their doll house could rotate, but it really wasn't necessary.

Ta Da!  ( Lazy Susans cost about $9 )

The most challenging thing I found was removing the old swivel.  Here's what I did.  Use the broken swivel image and the Lazy Susan image above as a guide.
  1. Unscrew the mechanism from the seat base by removing visible screws that are attached to the base.
  2. When these screws are removed you can lift the legs and swivel.  Stand it up so the swivel is on top.
  3. Look at the swivel (or any lazy susan) there are large and small holes.
  4. Rotate the LARGE hole until you see a screw beneath it. 
  5. Remove that screw and rotate to where the others should be attached to the legs.
  6. Once all the screws are removed, reverse the procedure to attach the new swivel/Lazy Susan
Now it was time to "Make it Mine".  A friend had recently given me some leftover paint.  And the pink can was calling my name.

The leftover pink paint attacked a piece of wicker too!

Remembering a local fabric store (Hancock Fabrics).  I immediately went to their website and printed off a coupon with full intentions of buying new fabric for this chair.  Instead, I found that their upholstery vinyl was on clearance for $3 a yard!!   I then stopped by Home Depot to get some amo for my staple gun.

A designers gun and amo.

Guess what!  This was my 1st upholstery project!  I may not have the best technique, but here's what I did:
  1. Re-used the lining/cusion that came with the chair and stapled it down.
  2. Next center the chair seat on the underside of the vinyl upholstery fabric.
  3. Fold over and staple down 4 sections of the fabric. North, east, south & west.
  4. Starting nearest to each of these 1st four staples, gently pull & fold enough fabric to take a staple.
  5. One on each side of these 1st four staples. 
  6. Then firmly & gently pull, fold and staple the remaining space.
  7. Trim off the extra vinyl.

My finished project!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mama likes her garden

There's something about childish play that my mom has never let go of.  I see it in her art studio, the gifts she gives and her garden.

Her artwork and stories reflect characters and their lifestyles which can only be found in a fantasy garden.  Although I do not have any of her artwork, I do have a copy of one of her stories. "The Bog".

Her gardens have become homes for adopted Gnomes, fairies and insects.   Notice how Mama Gnome clings to her baby outside of their boot home while Papa Gnome cautiously watches passerbys such as us. 

Nothing beats California weather when it comes to gardening and a dip in the pool.

Occasionally a rescue is needed from the swimming pool.

Caught me taking a picture of "me taking a picture" of mom.  There is plenty to see and learn about in her garden.   I probably should ask her how many different plant species she has.  The reply would either be "alot" or "not nearly enough".

A perfect place for lemonade or tea.

If this is what an empty nester's backyard looks like, I can hardly wait!  But I'm certain that the inner Hippy Chick in me would use banner flags or Moroccan decor.

My parents have their HOME SWEET HOME.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rockin around the Christmas tree



As my 17 year old would say, "Only in my house!"

This years Christmas tree turned out to be FUNFETTI.  Although, I must confess.  My first inspiration was to get a tie-dye look.

It all started with my daughter's black light party last year.  We had an old white artificial tree.  I thought it would glow under a black light, and it did.  But a blue/white glow wasn't enough for me, so I added flourescent pink and orange.  Unfortunately, The colors could only be seen upclose, from a distance it still looked blue/white.  

In daylight my flourescent painted tree looked pink. For me, way too  common.  Feeling an itch to re-use and save the earth (and our checking account), I decided to "Paint the Roses Red". Yes. I was planning to paint the tree.  So out came my spray and acrylic paints.  And I turned up the tunes.  No way was I going to listen to old Bing and dream of a "White Cristmas".  Instead, I pulled up Pandora Radio and listed to Tower of Power, James Brown and "Played some funky music 'white girl'"!

 With yellow enamel spray paint I randomly added yellow spots to the interior and exterior tree branches.  Then adding bright acrylic colors to my pallet, I again randomly placed colors as well as patterns such as this for a tie-dye look using a 1 1/2" wide trim brush.

With my new tree looking less alive than my old Grateful Dead T-shirt, I decided it needed to look alot more like a party.  For streamers(tinsel) I used bright ribbons in co-ordinating colors.  And since I've gone this far, the reflective qualities of  CD's were a no brainer for ornaments. The DVD's and CD's even reflected prisms of colorful little rainbows through out the room. 

This is what happens when you force a city girl into the country.

Have a blessed Christmas.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Blue is great when I'm homesick

Today I'm homesick, but a cure is on its way.

I don't miss business suits, long commutes and climbing the corporate ladder.  But I do miss the diversity in business, the arts and people, not to forget the fog. 

The move wasn't all that bad

The Midwestern cost of living has been a God send.  I don't "have to work" to exist and now have the time to creatively breathe. 

We picked up some pretty fun instruments while trying our hand at a co-op gift shop. Learning to play upright and electric bass has been a total blast.  My favorite is still my flute and Gourdalin.  This last year has been great as we've gotten in on some gigs where my jewelry has gotten more exposure (and sales!)

But I still miss the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hubby and I have been working on organizing a benefit concert right in the middle of the busy holiday art & craft show season.  Like we weren't busy enough!  It's for a couple of great causes, and thankfully we won't have to freshen up our set and play.

It's a good thing to help others.  It takes the focus off of "us".

But God wired into me the need for some "me" time.  A time where I can be alone and create.  Pour my favorite beverage, put on some good tunes, and spread my supplies all around me and just dive in...for hours!   One thing I have learned is this;  Even though I feel like I could just burst if I don't creatively express myself, I won't.  And when I finally can focus on my creativity, the outcome will be good.  So I have made a decision.

Rest up and dress up

Tomorrow I will dress up in clothes that make me feel creative and special.  And tonight? I will get some much needed rest.  I now have a date with my pillow.

Meet "Blue".
Yes, I've named my pillow. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Do you ever feel like your chasing your tail working in circles?  Lately this has been me. 

I've been trying to create enough inventory for my first Holiday Extravaganza Show in years.  I realize some of you already have this down to an art.  But shows are relatively new for me and we'll have two more within the next 30 days.   I'm not complaining, but this is also a great time of year for Ebay listings.  Although it is quite possible that I am in denial that I'm over my head, I still want to make this all work.  Even though I feel like I'm running in circles! 

                                           But I have a remedy, BUILD A DOME HOME!
                                                    (this one is a Geodesic Dome home)

Why a dome home? I'm thinking it would add some (ahem) structure to my life, forcing me to follow a routine.  You're probably like, "what-ever girlfriend", but hear me out. 

It could be a great work environment.  Set up work stations around the inside perimeter of the building.  Just walk through the door and visit the stations the order of which they present themselves.

1st stop,  Station 1 -  Check your email and print all shipping documents.
2nd stop, Station 2 -  Packaging.  Then leave packages by the door @ the last station.
Station 3,4,5 etc     - designing, photography, research, etc.
Final Station - Pick up the packages you initially placed by the door and your day is done!

Since each work station is designated for each unique job, you're good to go when you hire help! Booyah!

But, no work environment is complete without a kitchen.  This wonderful unit would go right in the center of the dome.  I'd like an "S" shaped wall with this kitchen unit on one side and a small restroom on the other.

Should one not prefer the Geodesic design because of its angles, there is also the Monolithic design.
Both designs are known for economical heating/cooling.  Monolithic structures have no fire hazard or negative feng-shui angles. I still prefer the Geodesic design. Maybe because the Monolithic makes me hungry for dim sum.                                 
                                                          Chinese steamed pork buns.

And now, to give credit where credit is due.

 Geodesic dome homes by Timberline.
The Monolighic dome scoop  and full story.
Circle Kitchen by Compact Concepts.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dream kitchen

Recently I was asked what my dream kitchen might have.
For me an ergonomic sink is a must!

Very similar to this Ferrari luxury kitchen sink center from KicheConcept.

I love the idea of stepping into the sink area instead of leaning completely over. A foot rest bar would be nice. I'd probably even go for a paisley or kidney shaped basin.

Color would be a must for me. I wouldn't have this solid red, too modern for me. 

And unless I want to spend the bulk of my kitchen time with cleaners, I say forget all the trendy whites.  Besides, I live in the Midwest and when it's cold and white outside, bringing it inside is the last thing we want to do.

 (But, if you like this, thank

When my kids were younger they watched a show called Gulla Gulla Island.  I remember the set had a colorful kitchen.  I am leaning a wee bit in that direction, but on a more grown-up than pre-school level.

I just LOVE the yellow and blue  contrast!!    I'm talking color here.  Thank you

Actually, this blue/purple is the same color I purchased to paint the exterior of my home...with a yellow accents.

Now back to reality. I don't get new cupboards, I'm stuck with the ones I have.

I'm tempted to use my outdoor paint in the kitchen for my cupboards. I'll check with my local hardware store for safety issues.
The sink and work center is awesome, but I think unrealistic for many middle class homes.