Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What ever shall I wear?

I sit here with my refreshment, but my tootsies get to chillin'. What ever shall I wear while surfing for ideas along the great internet highway? Socks! No question about it. And not just any kind of socks.


Last summer we had a great time re-discovering the San Francisco Bay Area. And one of my favorite souveniers was a pair of Tabi socks that I found in Chinatown.

Tabi -vs- Toe

Toe socks are nothing new, I know. But it seems that the creative people behind toe-sock production have decided to make each toe glow, or have googie eyes or hair. I just can't. And, though they are very much like a pair of fun slippers...it is tough to cram each little sock covered toe into a pair of shoes as you run out the door. I'm not totally against toe-socks. I've worn them to bed during cold winter nights...and woke up finding my two toes sharing one toe-compartment (if you will) or the pinkie toe of my sock on the top of my foot. Pretty silliy looking.

Now....the Tabi on the other hand.

Tabi will separate only the papa toe. Which scores mega-points for this flip-flop fan!

My toes don't have to fight for space with my socks when I throw on a pair of shoes. I don't wake-up to find any missing or extra toes on my feet. I can run around in them like a light slipper, and slide right into my flip-flops and NOT look like I'm wearing comic relief on my feet. (referencing multi-colors & googie eyes).

My problem......I only got one pair.

I've searched for more on a couple of my favorite websites. Ebay, a place where I both buy and sell. And swapstyle.com another great hunting ground, of which I will discuss further later.

And so here I sat..with new Tabi's in mind, doing an internet search and BAM!

I found the motherload!

Not just a variety of Tabi socks...but socks for any occasion!

Sock Dreams


life is good!

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